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Helping Homeowners understand what their house already knows.


Home is where the heart is and for many of us our home is most likely the single biggest investment we’ll ever make in our lifetime. (ˈwaizli) allows you to easily monitor your smart home’s health right from your smartphone and comes with the added convenience of home control and security features.


The Complete Smart Home Safety Solution

The three pillars of the SALUSConnect platform


Specifically built to be a “Check Engine Light” for the home that predicts and alerts the homeowner of a problem, transforms the very connected devices that we use for comfort and convenience into a monitoring and alert system to help us protect what matters most.

Use to:

  • Quickly view and monitor the status of your home and smart devices.
  • Set schedules and preferences for your connected thermostats, smart plugs, water heater timers, and more.
  • Receive important real-time alerts and notifications of any changes happening in the home.


Increase peace of mind with the ability to safeguard your home, possessions and family from risks that originate from inside your home.



  • Easy set-up: push the “scan for equipment” button to discover and add devices.
  • Intuitive interface: dashboard and tiles interface provides effortless and personalized home management from one screen.
  • Privacy: Data collected from your mobile device or computer, and equipment is only used to run the application, your connected home services, and to send important alerts and notifications.



Helping Homeowners understand what their house already knows. is a free app from SALUS. Download here …


Available for iPhone, iPad, Android


Download for Apple iPhone / iPad

Download for Android


The SALUS Global Connected Solutions Group is a division of SALUS Inc., the branded product arm of global technology and manufacturing company Computime. Based in Redwood City, California, SALUS Global Connected Solutions Group focuses on the development of cloud-based solutions to bring out the value in connected devices.

The Salus Connected Solutions group is comprised of IoT and Big Data specialists driven by the notion that a connected home’s value is more than simply an app providing a remote control experience.

The team, comprised of Engineering, Quantitative Services, Product Operations and Product Management, is experienced at running scaled programs around the world for governments, public electric and gas utilities, water authorities, national home services organizations and academic institutions.